Myths in Fitness Industry

webadmin - Posted on 01 April 2010

Myth 1: Only cardiovascular training helps in weight loss.

Reality Formula for fat loss and muscle mass building = (Cardiovascular +Weight )training +Consistency+ balanced diet Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, even when you're at rest.Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does, even when you're at rest. You make muscles with resistanceo (or weight) training. Muscles breaks down when

one does weight training and in response to that breaking of muscles body builds more muscles(theory of survival). One has to give good amount of protein to make muscle mass as muscles are made of protein. Give good protein to your body to make Skeleton muscle mass . Which will further catalyse weight loss.


Myth 2: Once you leave exercise ….Muscles gets converted into Fat....

Reality There is no phenomenon like Muscle being converted into fat. When one leaves exercise the muscle mass gets loosened and may give a feeling of Fat over there. Exercise should include resistance training, since resistance training increases lean muscle mass and lean muscle mass burns more calories, even when you are at rest… Advantages of weight training 1.Strong bones 2.Strong joints 3.Increase Skeletan muscle mass 4.Increase Metabolism 5.Decrease bad cholesterol etc…. 6.Good posture 7.Strong lower back

MYTH 3:Women should not do weight training as they will get muscular structure.

Reality Woman need more of weight training than man as women don’t have much Skeleton Muscle Mass(SMM) . Muscles are attached to the bones , more SMM you carry, you have more healthier bones, good posture and increased metabolism .As age increase SMM and metabolism decreases . Moreover….women have different hormonal structure than men … Their Estrogen harmone doesn't let them put big muscle even if they do lot of weight training . Men has Testosterone harmone that helps in building muscles faster and thats why they easily get muscles….

Myth 4: One has to dedicate long hours for fat loss and toning up.

Reality One should limit his/her workout between 45min to 1hr . Working out for hours will lead to saturation,injuries .When you do workout for long hours. Body will tend to be in stressed state and stress harmones will increase in body. That will hinder fat loss and muscle building . Believe in quality workout not quantity workout .

Myth 5:Starvation and skipping breakfast is only option for fat loss

Reality Starvation diet doesn’t work..initially you will loose weight and then saturation will come. Weight that you will loose will be in the form of muscle and water loss. More over when you starve your body , your body prepares itself for absorbing more nutrients . Next time whenever you intake anything the body is going to absorb everything very aggressively. This one of the main reasons of weight gain after a weight loss campaign.

Myth 6:You have to sacrifice your taste and have to eat less for fat loss and muscle building.

Reality MACRONUTRIENT: PROTEIN CARBOHYDRATES FAT MICRONUTRIENT : VITMANIN/MINERALS Every meal should be proper combination of (protein,carbohydrates,fat ).. Consume 5 To 6 Meals Per Day The increased frequency of food intake throughout the day will boost your body's metabolism and helps in better absorption of nutrients, fat loss and toning up. Many tasty cuisines and eatables have high amount of nutrients for weight loss and muscle gain.

Myth 7: You have to cut all fat from diet to loose fat .

Reality YOU NEED (GOOD)FAT TO CUT (BAD)FAT Dietary fats are essential for normal metabolism and good health. Not only are they necessary for the proper absorption, transportation and function of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, but fats are also used by the body to produce cellular components, hormones and other compounds that are essential to the proper functioning of the body,joints,increased metabolism and fat loss.

Myth 8: Vegetarians don’t have option for proteins.

Reality Lots of combination of foods makes complete protein For ex: sprouts +brown bread=complete protein Sesame seeds +brown bread=complete protein Etc

Myth 9 : Protein supplements has lot of side effects.

Reality Whey protein is by-product of cheese production and one of the finest,safe and easily digestable protein. Take whey protein shake after workout because your body is like a sponge after workout and needs protein for muscle repairing. If you will not feed your body with good protein after workout…your body will start taking protein from muscle itself as muscles are made from protein..then you will loose muscles and gain fat. 100gm whey contains = 80gm best protein---- completely natural…..



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