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Nutrition plays at least as much of a role in muscle gain and fat loss as does weight training. It is also arguably the more underappreciated and misunderstood of the two with a huge number of bogus and unhealthy "diets" which can be best compared to get-rich-quick schemes.

The basic principles of nutrition stay the same regardless of your goals, age, sex, or physical condition. The main differences will lie in meal sizes and proportions of different macronutrients in meals. You should always:

·         Have 5 or more small to medium-sized meals throughout the day.

·         Drink lots of plain water throughout the day. 8 cups of water is the minimum.

·         Get at least 25% of your daily calories from protein, with some in every meal.

·         Get 20-40% of your daily calories from complex and fibrous  carbohydrates.

·         Get 20-40% of your daily calories from  good  fats.

·         Eat minimally processed and cooked foods. Especially, eat a lot of raw vegetables.

·         Avoid meals heavy in carbohydrates and/or fats.

·         Avoid sweets and sugary foods, processed foods, fried foods, junk foods, and alcohol.


·         Create Your Own Healthy Meals!

Instead of giving you specific recipes, better to know  how to design your own healthy meals. First, consider the following groups of equivalent foods:

Very Lean Protein:

Lean Protein:


Skinless chicken breast
Tuna and other lean fish
95% lean beef
Egg whites
Whey protein powder (best)
Fat-free cottage cheese

90% lean beef
Ground turkey
Salmon and other fatty fish
4% fat cottage cheese
Whole eggs

Beans, lentils, and peas are a mix of very lean protein and starchy carbs




Non-Starchy Carbs:

Starchy Carbs:

Healthy Fats:

All vegetables other than corn, potatoes, and sweet potatoes

Brown rice
Old-fashioned oatmeal
Sweet potatoes
Fruits and berries
Whole-grain bread and pasta
Breakfast cereals (use sparingly)


Olive oil (and other oils)
Ground flax seed
Flax and fish oil
Dry-roasted nuts and seeds
Natural almond and peanut butter
Egg yolk


ow, given those food groups, here is how you can make up your own healthy meals with following combinations:

  • Very Lean Protein+ Non-Starchy Carbs / Starchy Carbs / Legumes + Healthy Fats
  • Lean Protein+ Non-Starchy Carbs / Starchy Carbs / Legumes
  • Legumes+ Non-Starchy Carbs / Starchy Carbs + Healthy Fats
  • Legumes+ Healthy Fats

Include starchy carbs in meals in the first half of the day as well as meals before and after workouts. Include  non-starchy carbs and legumes in the second half of the day.

Feel free to substitute or add as many non-starchy vegetables as you wish. These include lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and virtually any other vegetable besides potatoes and corn. Also, feel free to add calorie-free or low-calorie herbs and spices.

                                         Myths About Nutrition:

1. "Eating so often will make me fat."
Not true. Eating often is the best natural way to boost your metabolism which means your body will be burning fat even when sleeping. Eating as much as you want often will certainly cause you to gain fat, however you will exercise control over how much and what you eat to reach your goals in the fastest possible time.

2. "Eating before bed will make me fat."
Also not true. Once again, your goal is to keep your metabolism up which requires frequent meals. Every night you already don't eat for 8 or more hours. Don't extend this fast period even longer by avoiding evening meals. For the same reason it's important to eat a generous breakfast soon after waking up. Breakfast should be one of the if not the largest meal of the day.

3. "If I eat even less I will get slim even faster!"
Possibly the most dangerous myth: losing weight faster than 1-2 pounds/week is both unhealthy and counter-productive. Your body will enter starvation mode, shutting down your metabolism, and burning muscle while preserving fat. The slower your weight loss is, the more likely you are to succeed in the long run.

4. "For Only 3000 rupess You Can Have The Magic Pill That Will Make You Slim And Muscular."
There is no magic pill. The multi-billion dollar supplement industry is barely regulated which allows it to make such unsubstantiated claims. There are very few legal, proven and safe supplements and none of them will give you results even remotely approaching the ludicrous ad claims. Plain whey protein powder is perhaps the most useful of them.

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