Weight gain diet

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                                                      (Week 1-4)

Post-Workout nutrition(please don’t neglect it):  Immediately after workout  take 1 scoop  whey protein +1 -2 teaspoon of glucon-d + 1 tablet vitamin c(Limcee) +1 vitamin B-complex tablet(Becosule) + 1 vitamin E  tablet(Evion)

Pre-workout  nutrition: (45min before workout): (protein + complex carbohydrate)=  for ex: 1 cup oats +(1 scoop whey protein  or 3-4 eg g  whites ).

Once you are finished with your workout immediately take protein shake (whey protein) +glucon –d and after 35 minutes take full meal.

As soon as you wake-up in the morning, drink 2-3 glasses of water and always remember to take breakfast after half an hour of your wake-up time.

Breakfast:  1 cup oats  cooked in full cream milk or skimmed milk+1 apple +3eggwhites (protein) + 1 yolk+ healthy fats (1 teaspoon Olive oil or 1 teaspoon almond and peanut butter or 3 walnuts )

Oats substitute: Muesli, multi-grain bread, idly, corn flakes, any rice item, roti, sweet potato  etc

                                                  After 3 hour

Healthy snack:

 1 bowl Skimmed curd +1 mashed boiled potato+1 seasonal fruit +nuts (walnuts or peanuts etc) : mix all these things . 

Alternatively, you can take any weight-gainer protein shake

                                                      After 3 hour


Option 1: 100 gm of skinless chicken breast + 1 cup rice or roti + I cup of salad

Option 2: 1 bowl dal + 1 bowl sabzi+ 1 cup salad (in salad put 1 teaspoon olive oil or flaxseed oil)+ 1 cup curd +(3egg whites or 1 scoop whey protein in milk)

After 3 hour

Option 1: 100 gm cottage cheese 1 scoop whey protein in milk +  2 brown bread + handful of nuts

Option 2:-brown bread + 1 or 2 teaspoon peanut butter + 1 glass milk

Option 3: Weight-gainer proteins shake

                                                                  After 3 hour


Option 1: 1 cup rice or 2-3 chapattis or 2 boiled potatoes or 1-2 yams) + 3-4 egg whites+ good fats (walnuts or olive oil, almonds)

Option 2: 150gms cottage cheese + 1 bowl salad (put olive oil or flaxseed oil) + handful of nuts) + 1 cup rice/2-3 chapattis

Option 3: 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 cup rice+ 100gm chicken breast + salad (put olive oil or flaxseed oil)


While going to bed take 2 glasses of skimmed milk or 50-100gm cottage cheese

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