Starvation side affects

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                                   Why Starvation Diets will increase your Belly Fat

Initially when you deprive your body of food, you tend to lose weight. However, after the initial period of weight loss, the defense mechanism of your body begins to work. The metabolism of your body actually slows down in order to conserve calories. Moreover, the weight lost when you embark on a starvation diet is not fat but rather lean tissue. The body ends up accumulating more fat and burning upmore muscle. When you begin a starvation diet after a certain point of time you experience exhaustion and a reduction in energy because of  the low calorie intake. Your craving for junk food becomes more pronounced and you could start binging on food you’re supposed to avoid the most. Besides, you end up getting de-motivated at the lack of weight loss and comfort yourself with junk food like pizza and ice-cream. Repeated starvation diets decrease metabolism rates and make it tough to maintain a natural body weight. The best way of losing belly fat is to eat small meals and get regular exercise. If you consume smaller meals you can eat whatever you like and your body burns it off easily without the side-effects of starvation. Everybody knows that starvation diets are bad. Why then do we put ourselves through something that can negatively affect our health and well-being? You must know that there are no shortcuts to getting that hour glass figure or that tiny waist. Eliminate junk food and exercise regularly. In the long run this is the only recipe for a trim waist and a toned look. Starvation increases belly fat

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