Fat loss workout part-2

webadmin - Posted on 10 August 2011

                                                                  Fat loss workout part-2 

                                                 By: Mayank Attrish fitnessand diet expert)

 Before starting any workout plan we should do proper warm-up(dynamic warm-up) to avoid injuries and so that our  body will be prepared for high intensity workout 

                  .dynamic warm-up   

                  1..Triset(1 cycle): smith machine squats(20reps)+ push-ups(till failure) + mountain climber (till failure)

              smith machine squat:


                     mountain climber :

               Do this workout thrice a week  and alternate days do abs and HIIT training 

  Triset means three exercises in a row without taking any rest.Once you will complete triset take 1 min rest and repeat 5 more cycles..depending upon on ur fitness level.After workout do nice stretching of all the body parts(static stretching)

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